What can I do to protect myself from domestic violence?

Whether you are married or not the best thing you can do to protect yourself from domestic violence is to leave the situation and contact local law enforcement as soon as possible. Law enforcement will make an arrest, if possible, for any complaint of domestic violence.  If the arrest is made an automatic criminal protection order will go into effect for at least 7 days. This criminal protection order will prevent the defendant from returning to the family home or having contact with the victim. In addition to the criminal protection order, you can also file a request for a civil protection order, which is discussed above here.

During the criminal process you may be assigned a victim’s advocate who can help explain the process to you. However, an attorney can help ensure that the District Attorney is adequately pursing your case and help you through the process of obtaining a civil protection order, as well as represent you in any subsequent divorce, child custody, or property dispute that might arise as a result of the domestic violence and protection orders. The attorneys at Smith, Shellenberger, and Salazar, LLC can represent you during this difficult time, and help ensure that you are safe and can live a healthy secure life after domestic violence.

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