Estate Planning Tools to Protect Family and Business

By Brett Lee Shelton, SSRS-Law

No one likes to think about dying, much less planning for it.  But if you care about your family and leaving a legacy of love rather than pain and confusion, estate planning is a must. 

Designed to preserve your wishes and protect your loved ones, the estate planning process puts a variety of helpful legal tools at your disposal:

Will – a will spells out your personal wishes about the disposition of your assets.   Without it, the state will decide.

Trusts – you can avoid probate through the establishment of trusts and assignment of asset ownership.

Tax Planning – there are legal alternatives available to reduce or avert federal taxes on your estate.

Trust Administration – an experienced trust attorney can help you navigate through the state’s trust administration process, saving you and your family from stress and potentially expensive errors.

Guardianship – appointing a guardian ensures a minor child’s person and/or property and other assets are fully protected.

Charitable Gift Planning – designating gifts to charity can help you reduce federal estate taxes as well as lower income capital gains taxes.

Family Business Succession Planning – developing a plan for a successful transfer that won’t adversely impact the business or important family relationships.

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